Design Development

A technical pack will be designed based on your requirements. The tech pack is used internally to record a log of Fabrics, Trimmings,

Processing materials, Pattern specs, Sampling specs, Grading sheet and Costings. This pack is used to assist with the production of the style.
Our team of skilled developers include Designers, Pattern Cutters, Sample Machinists and Merchandisers.

Base Body Measurements

We will need a list of body measurements in order to develop your collection. This will be specific to your fitting process, or your customer.

We can also advise on an industry standard that we work to for other customers. This will all be confirmed in the development stages.


Here you have two options, you can either source your own Materials, or you can utilise our library of stock fabrics. With our library, these may be subject to specific minimums. In both instances, full detail of materials will be recorded in the technical packs, which will be requested at development stage.

If you are supplying the materials, quality checking these and ensuring they are the correct amount prior to delivery is your responsibility. We will not be held liable for receiving shortage or damaged fabric and this will inevitably delay your order and you may incur additional costs.

Any excess materials supplied by you will be returned to you, upon completion of your Sampling/Production orders.

Approvals & Gradings

Samples will be sent according to your requirements, if you wish to make additional changes that are different from the provided spec, this will incur additional charges, which will be quoted prior to making any adjustments.

Once your samples have been approved, we will require a quantity/size/colour breakdown of your production order. We will then have your styles digitally graded on our CAD system according to the grade rules you provided. We can produce a sample size set of one piece in each size for your approval prior to going in to production, for an additional charge.

We use advanced lay planning and marker making technology to ensure the materials are most efficiently utilised. Our team at this stage will advise you on material requirements.


The merchandiser managing your account will provide a confirmed delivery date for your bulk order, once all materials have arrived in house and everything has been checked according to the requirements of the order.

We will then proceed to Cut, Stitch and package your order, whilst advising you with regular updates throughout the whole process. Production samples can be sent out to you for approval prior to delivery of the order.

Payment Terms

Sample Development - 100% prior to starting any development production – 50% upfront, 50% prior to delivery